Partnering Entrepreneurs for Innovation and Growth.

Adiinah CApital PArtners


Who is Adinah

Adinah Capital Partners is an investment management company focussed on investing in private companies and taking advantage of unlisted investment opportunities in new and old companies that are innovative, disruptive and solve structural inefficiencies in the value and supply chain of companies and economies..

The Adinah bespoke investment solution strives to generate an attractive risk adjusted return and create lasting value for the companies in which we invest and for the communities with whom we interact.

Investment Focus


Adinah sources third party capital with a view to making long term unlisted market investments. The private company, start-up venture and tactical opportunities funds at our disposal have enabled us to invest in companies at various stages of their growth cycles, as well as in a range of sectors and under varying market conditions.

Adinah’s belief is that our investment model can be a powerful catalyst for starting, growing and improving the businesses we partner with for all stakeholders.

We conclude each investment with the intent of providing a business with sufficient patient capital for management teams to create new business initiatives, launch new products, enter new markets, acquire other businesses and become market leaders in their niches.

In every activity we try and build leaders who will shift their consciousness from driving to be the best in the world to be the best for the world, striving to leave the world a better place than they found it.


All investments are made with a clear value add and investment plan. This includes strategies to achieve both an organic profit growth as well as identifying attractive targets for acquisitive growth.

In addition, each investment focusses on the following:

  • Alignment of interests between the portfolio company management team, third party investors and Adinah;
  • A disciplined, consistent investment process;
  • Support for the business at a strategic level and a commitment to sustainable business development; and
  • Ability to plug into the extensive Adinah network to identify and support growth opportunities.
Investment Platforms

Strategic Focus

Adinah is focused on building a portfolio of superior return generating businesses for it’s investors. Adinah will invest across the African continent, in companies that provide an attractive return profile after considering all risks.

The lower risk investment strategy focuses on established businesses that generate superior returns on capital, have strong growth prospects, a lower reliance on gearing and with focussed management teams. This discipline, combined with attractive valuations results in Adinah’s focus on generating above average market returns in the medium to long term.

Adinah has identified the shortage of risk capital in the start-up sector of the market in South Africa. Through our S12J VCC fund and with select investors, Adinah makes early stage venture-capital investments focussed on South African technology start-ups with continental and global growth potential. More importantly, Adinah assists in the mentoring of start-up founders and CEO’s, and assists in the incubation, administration and commercialisation of concepts and new business ideas.

Adinah recognises the benefit of being able to respond to opportunities in an ever changing market. The tactical opportunities portfolio follows an investment strategy across a range of illiquid assets and opportunities that fall outside the traditional private equity and venture capital platforms.

Adinah understands the specific needs and unique challenges that companies face in a range of sectors.