The Adinah Growth Partners

Investment Strategy

Adinah Growth Partners is a venture capital company in terms of S12J of the Income Tax Act, and is licensed as a financial services provider (FSP) in terms of S8 of the FAIS Act under FSP licence number 48774.

The investment strategy is to invest in Qualifying Companies:

Adinah Growth Partners

S12J Benefits

S12J of the Income Tax Act is intended to encourage investments in Venture Capital Companies, such as Adinah Growth Partners.

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Income Tax Deduction

In terms of and subject to S12J of the Income Tax Act, investors are entitled to deduct the full amount of their investment in Adinah Growth Partner from their income in the applicable tax year. This tax relief for investors mitigates the investment risk for Investors, and significantly enhances the potential return.

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Tax Relief

An individual claiming the S12J deduction and paying tax at the maximum marginal rate will get tax relief of R45 000 resulting in a net after tax cost of the investment of R55 000.

Adinah Growth Partners aims to achieve an IRR of between 25-30% per annum and on investment return of three times the committed capital.

Adinah continues to source an exclusive pipeline of opportunities to invest in, in the small to mid-size market. This pipeline is a combination of internally researched opportunities as well as through our network.

Adinah understands the specific needs and unique challenges that companies face in a range of sectors.